Mariah Carey - $150,000 to look Beautiful

Leslie Star on TMZ

According to it seems that Mariah Carey is being sued for not paying a photographer for a no-show photo shoot.

He is suing for $150,000 claiming that Mariah never showed up to her photo shoot and that it costs a whole whack of money to even get her to look good. He claims that her beauty bill, obtained by TMZ, would have been:

Stylist -- $65,391
Hair stylist -- $9,600
Makeup artist -- $7,200
Manicurist -- $2,400

I appear on TMZ Live today and express my opinion about Mariah Carey and the situation she is in.

To get all the details about this story and others, tune in to TMZ on E! today at 3:00 (PST).

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