Diary of My Online Dating

My online dating experiences are definitely worth writing about so I thought I would share another one with you.  This happened a couple of years ago, but it's still pretty funny.

My first online date seemed really nice. He was in the military and had a finance job.  We met at Starbucks for coffee in a rich part of town that he recommended.  We went inside and went to the till as I saw him pull out a $5 bill.  Needless to say, I paid for my own coffee.  I shrugged it off and  we walked around the neighbourhood.

We went to a popular restaurant/pub next and had lunch.  The bill came and again we paid separately.  When he excused himself and went to the bathroom, I text my friend and said that he again didn't pay for my meal.

My date came back to the table and awkwardly told me that I had text him and not my friend.

He took me out again about a week later to make up for not paying for the food and in the middle of the date his friend called and he suddenly had to leave.

Needless to say there wasn't a 3rd date and should not have had a 2nd date.

Have you ever had an awkward date that you wish would have never happened?!

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