Johnny Weir Sparkles on Ice

If you have been watching figure skating at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics you know exactly who Johnny Weir is.

He is a bright 25 year old that has a sparkle in his eye and all over his costumes.  His makeup is well known as no one in the figure skating world has ever worn awesome makeup like his.  He is making the sport fun for all ages and really puts a spark on the ice.

Johnny Weir's performance on Tuesday, Feb 16th in Vancouver, British Columbia was something to be extremely proud of.  He achieved 6th place after his short program with a final score of 82.10.

He adds spice to the ice and says that he calms down before a competition but cleaning as it calms his nerves.  He especially likes Lemon Pledge.  I see him in a Pledge commercial soon:)

Johnny Weir enjoys figure skating to music that makes his fans rise to their feet with songs like "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.  You can tell that he really admires Gaga and is inspired by her uniqueness.

He has appeared on runways shows for Heatherette and designs figure skating outfits for other competitors as well.

He brings something to the sport that no one has attempted before which makes the public love him and look forward to what he will do next.

Good Luck in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Johnny and make USA proud.

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