Brand new look

Boyfriends are useful sometimes..

With the help of my boyfriend I have a brand new awesome look for my website. I love it so much more. Its everything that I wanted it to be. I will change it from time to time though cause I get bored easily. I hope you liked the Britney Spears remixed "Piece of me Video". I love that song and I have it in my head all the time. I love Britney. I know that shes a mess but I love that about her. Her new cd is amazing and I listen to it on my iPod on repeat on the way to work everyday.

Robyn is back with Snoop Dogg in an awesome remix called Sexual Eruption. I love this song but they don't have a proper video out on it yet. I don't like this video but its the best one I could find. I hope you like the song.

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