Just another Wednesday


Today I worked from 9-6 because right before I was off someone needed help and left it till the last minute.. ERRR.. It makes me so mad that people relay on other people to cover their asses.

I came home and watched a bit of tv and I watched America's Next Top Model. It kills me that Tyra Banks says the same thing over and over again when it comes to the judging part.. Legendary this and that. Come on people.. let us pray that next time Tyra will say something different.

After that I took a shower and worked on my website a little bit more. My boyfriend came over and now we are about to go to bed because he put his back out from lifting me. I told you it was a good idea for me to start that personal training. :)


  1. Your boyfriend put his back out from picking you up. He must be shrimpy cause you don't look heavy at all! =P

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