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Work just flew by

Today I went to work at 8:30 and got off at 4:30 and it was the fastest work day ever. I just kept busy and didn't think about the time and before I knew it, it was time to go home. When I came home I watched "Little People, Big World" for an hour. Matt Roloff was found innocent for drinking and driving which is excellent because I didn't want to think he was guilty because I like the Roloff family.

After that I watched Intervention which is by far my favorite show. I just love watching people get all screwed up and then they get fixed. Well at least some of them do. If you want to get addicted to the show like me... Check out - Intervention and see you if it is a show that you could start to like as much as I do. Beware though because some of the scenes may be graphic and make sure their aren't little ones in the room watching it.

It is 9:30 and I am starting to get so tired. I have to work tomorrow too but this week is a short week and so is next week because of the Easter long weekend. Peace out and will write tomorrow. Oh.. and it was St. Patrick's day today and I wore a green. How fun!!!

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