The worst new videos

Ok.. So I am a big fan of Mariah Carey but her new video for "Touch My Body" is an embarrassment. It would definitely get an award though.. an award for the cheesiest video ever made. Mariah.. Your 38, get a new stylist.. your still dressing like your in your 20's. Put on a nice pant suit or some nice jeans and a tasteful top that isn't tied in a knot showing your stomach. Although she still has a nice body it would be show cased better if she dressed her age. Love the song but hate the video. Watch it and judge for yourself.

I love Britney Spears but her new video "Break the Ice" is horrible. I guess she is trying to impress the younger crowd with her japan animation inspired cartoon crap but give me a break. You could have used those funds to make a mind blowing video but instead you made a video that is so boring and to me it makes no sense at all. Still love you though Britney:)

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