"I wanna be a Rock Star"

After my personal training work out from hell yesterday some friends and I went to a rock star party. I have never been to one before but you had to dress up like a rock star and there was Guitar Hero at the party.

I went all dressed up in my crazy pink Britney wig, some accessories and my puppy. The party was really great and guitar hero was definitely the reason why. They had the drum set, guitar and the vocals and it was the most fun I have had in a while.

We sang our hearts out till 2:30am. Now that's a good sign that I was having fun cause usually I fall asleep cause the party blows and the t.v gets turned on. I can't stay awake with the tube on. I found out that I could be not too bad at the drums but the guitar was a nightmare for me. I kept making my band fail and we had to redo "Black Hole Sun" about 10 times.

The only thing that I thought that game could use is a better selection of music. Not everybody likes just rock and roll. But other than that it was a blast!

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