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News this week so far

There were tornadoes that hit Atlanta this weekend. It killed 2 people and there was millions of dollars worth of damage. So unexpected. Now people there have to rebuild their lives. If you wish to donate please go to and help them rebuild their lives.

Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather, got awarded 48.7 million dollars in their divorce settlement. I personally don't care for her and think that she should have got nothing. I do think that woman should get all the husbands money but she's just a bitch. Who knows.. she could be nice and the media just portrays her wrong but I really doubt it. Now maybe with all this money she will shut her trap for a while. She even threw water on Mr. McCartney's lawyer. See the before and after pic.

Ola Brunkert, the drummer from Abba died at his home on Sunday in Spain. He supposedly fell into some glass that separated his kitchen from his garden and slit his throat and bled to death. Send out all your prayers to his family and friends and I am so sorry for your loss. He was born on Sept 15 1946 and died on March 16 2008. RIP.

Well it looks as though Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton is winning the popularity contest when it comes to voting this election. According to CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey fifty-two percent of registered Democrats prefer Obama compared to 45 percent for Hilary. I personally like Hilary. We have had too many men as president. It is time to switch it up a bit. Its time for a bitch in the house boys.. Here is a parody video of them remixing "Umbrella"

Thats all the big news that I know of so far this week. If you know some news that I don't please feel free to leave a comment.

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