Online Dating - Pro's and Con's

Online Dating

Should I or Shouldn't I?

There is a huge booming industry of online dating sites.. Everyone seems to be looking for their one true love.  The question is .. Will you ever find true love through online dating? 

I have personally met a lot of really cool friends online and I think that it is totally possible to find true love anywhere and it doesn't stop at Online dating. 

There are sites like,, and  All these sites are helpful but how will you ever really know if the person really is who they say they are?  I guess that's true face to face too, however most of the time you can tell whether or not they are shady in real life.

Here are some PROS and CONS on Online Dating


  • You  meet a lot of really cool people.  If you don't like them after a bit you can always delete them or hit ignore.  It is much harder in person to do something like that.

  • You can be yourself behind the computer.  There is no face to face nervousness and you can just relax and talk and even make yourself sound smarter than you actually are. :)

  • You could potentially meet the love of your life online.  There are millions of people to hook up with and chat and you can pick and chose who you like talking to and the best part is you can decide when and if you want to kick this person to the curb or keep them close.

  • If you have trouble meeting people than this is a great way to do it.  No pressure and you can decide who you want to talk to.

  • There isn't really a fear of rejection.  If the person that you are digging doesn't respond.. It's no big deal.  Move on to the next potential love..

  • You can look up what the other person likes/dislikes, what they like to do for fun, and their age.  People who are older and don't get out much can easily look for their people in their age group and they don't even have to talk to them yet.


  • It's not a very good way to socialize.  Get out in the real world and try and pick someone up.  It's not healthy to be in your house all day typing on the computer till 6pm and you still haven't brushed your hair and your in your pajamas.  That will not get you a mate in real life.

  • Not everyone is who they say they are.  You have to be really careful when talking to people you don't know.  They could arrange to meet and then kill you.. You don't know if they are a good person.  Plus.. they don't have the same friends as you, so you could probably never track them down if they ripped you off or something.

  • Sometimes you get stalkers online.  This is never a pretty situation.  Just hit delete or ignore and never give out your personal information.  If they continue to harass you by logging on with a different name over and over again contact the webmaster by email and let them in on the situation.

  • There are a lot more men than women in the Internet dating world.  Most men are there to have cyber sex to the few women that there are on there.  Stay away from these pigs unless you like that sort of thing.  In this case perhaps it could be a PRO. :)

  • Some people sign up for online dating just to get online passwords and information to scam people.  If it's too good to be true it probably is folks.

  • If you think you are talking to a tall, dark and handsome guy you probably are totally wrong.  The picture is probably of some model that they just ripped off the net.  Never believe anything until you see it.  Perhaps suggest a web chat?

  • They might be married or in a relationship.  That actually happened to me once.  My boyfriend didn't call me for Christmas one year and I found out it was because he was too busy writing to chicks on Christmas to phone me.  Be careful who you pick and try and do a google search on them if possible.

If you have anymore pros or cons or have had some bad experiences with online dating, please email me at

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