How To Make Yourself Stand Out

Frog is camouflaged

Do you tend to blend in with the background and your sick of it? 

These are some easy steps you can take to get yourself noticed 

  1. Pick out clothes that not everyone would wear.  Use bright colors and big, bold accessories.  Don't over do it though or you'll be noticed and it won't be for the good.  Try to bring back fads.. The acid jeans are back now.. Who would have guessed?  Someone wore those and it was different so now everyone is wearing them.. See, different attracts attention.

  2. Be confident.  Even if you fake it. (which you shouldn't cause your fabulous)  Everyone admires confidence.  Confidence looks go0d on everyone unless you are conceited.. That is not a good look for anyone.

  3. Be who you are.   Be happy with who you are and everything that you stand for.  Be the best you possible.

  4. Do something dramatic like dye your hair an awesome color or get a hair cut that is fashionable and might possibly start a new great trend.

  5. Smile!  Not a lot of people smile anymore or say hi so make sure your the one that tries to brighten someones day.  A smile is really all you need. 

  6. Eye Contact - Keep eye contact for more than just a couple of seconds.  If a guy or girl is checking you out, some good eye contact will make them sizzle.

  7. Do something crazy.. If it's a party and everyone is playing "Truth or Dare" then participate and take on a dare and do it to your fullest.  If it's a theme day at work.. Go crazy with a costume.  Just make sure you always stand out and go overboard. :)

  8. Don't be afraid to laugh out loud.  A laugh is contagious and if someone hears you laugh perhaps it just might make their day too.  Always try and be witty and friendly.

  9. Do something nice for someone.  Buy them flowers for no reason or help someone across the street.  This world is sometimes out to get you and it's refreshing when someone goes out of their way to help another.

  10. Try something different.  Stars sometimes do crazy things to get the public to notice them.  Example:  Try painting one of your nails a different color.

I hope these Tips have helped you.  Let me know if they work! Frog that stands out

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