Don't Procast.. Dump Their Ass

Bad Relationship Dummies

Are you Unhappy with your Mate?

Do you feel like you are doomed to be with this looser for the rest of your life? 

If you feel this way.. it is your choice to make a change.  No one can do it for you. 

Listen.. You only live once, so don't waste your precious time dealing with the other person's issues.

If you get a feeling like it just isn't working anymore than it probably isn't. 

Have you done everything you possibly could to try and make things better?  Sometimes people just aren't right for each other and it doesn't necessarily mean that they did something wrong or it's your fault. 

That is why you have to search to find your perfect match.  Everyone has a perfect match. It's just a matter of finding the right one and sometimes that seems like it could never happen to you.  It can, so don't stick around with someone just because they are the only one that is there.. You deserve better than that.

You deserve someone that is going to love you for you and that will love you even at your worst.  Don't give up!

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

  • Do you find that your mate brings you down and no matter how happy you are they just never crack a smile or seem to be interested in what you say?  It's time that you call it quits..

  • Do they always have more important things to do and you don't seem to be top priority?

  • Do you fight more often than you actually get along?

  • Do you bring out the best in each other or the worst?  If you bring out the worst than you both are making each other miserable.. It's time to go your separate ways.

  • Do you think they are cheating and you just don't trust them?  If you have a hunch they are cheating then they probably are.  Look for signs like ... if they buy new shoes or all of a sudden care how they look.. Or a lot of all of a sudden working overtime... Or they never want to have sex.  A GUY WILL NEVER TURN DOWN HAVING SEX SO IF THEY DO SOMETHING IS UP!

  • Do they never call you back when they say they are going to?  This is a sign that they just aren't that into you.  I know sometimes it hurts and you experience denial.. but it's true.. Would you forget to call them if they wanted you to?  Probably not.. there's your answer.

  • Do you both trust each other and respect each others opinions?  I am sure that you will not agree on everything but when you disagree does your mate make you feel like your opinion doesn't matter?  If so.. Ditch the looser cause your opinion matters just as much as theirs..

  • Does he or she get physical when you get into a fight?  It is never ok to hit someone and make them feel bad about themselves.  GET OUT NOW before it gets worse.. Also mental/verbal or emotional abuse you should end it too.  You are way too good of a person to put up with abuse..

  • I'm all for trying to work it out but when that's all you ever do, it probably says something about your relationship.  Work on it if you think it's worth working out.. but otherwise.. GET YOURSELF BACK ON TRACK and start finding out what you actually want in life. 

  • When you make plans to do something with your boyfriend/girlfriend do you feel stressed and angry that you have to see them?  Do you not care anymore about them but you don't know how to change the way you feel?  You should never try and procrastinate breaking up with someone.  If you feel so strongly that you are just not liking them anymore than I do suggest a breakup talk.  You should be happy to see your partner and not stressed out and pissed off about it.

  • Does your mate keep you from doing the things you really love to do in life?  As long as it doesn't take all your time away from them, then you should be able to arrange a schedule where you can do both things and keep everyone happy.  It is not ok to ignore your partner though when you are doing it.  It should be an equal relationship and when the other person gets cast aside for an activity like video games that makes them feel inferior to it.. Be careful how you treat your mate as you should be able to find a happy medium. 

  • Do you have a completely different life and it's not for the better since you started seeing this person? Do you not see your friends anymore ?  This is unhealthy and it is never a good thing if you ditch your friends for a new relationship.  Sure at the beginning you will want to see that person all the time, but when you start to isolate yourself  from everyone that you love this is so lame.  The best relationships are when you can be yourself with the love of your life. You should never change who you are for them.

It is most important to find out who you really are and to love yourself first.  Find out what sort of things you really need in a relationship and what sort of fun you really need in life.  Your life is yours and don't let anyone else control it or take it away from who you really are.

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