Abandon The Date If Their Late

Tick Tock Tick TockRabbit is late

I am sure all of you at some point have been waiting in your fancy clothes on your first date and then you look at the clock and your date is so late..

WTF right? 

Well let me inform you that you are not alone and it's time to call them and cancel and not make another date.  If they don't answer then so be it and ditch the looser.

This is a very bad sign that the person is a dud right from the beginning. 

Sure it is completely different if they are having trouble finding your house but they have called once or twice.. But the no phone call and you are waiting patiently with your hair done and you are trying not to get animal fur all over your brand new black dress.

I had a first date once and I called them after they were 30 minutes late and he was sleeping!  For some reason I decided that I would go out with him anyways..


It should be a  huge red sign from up above that they DO NOT deserve you.

Stop Sign

Didn't you spend all day getting ready and making sure that your makeup, hair and everything was just perfect. Did you call all your friends because you were so excited?

They on the other hand just didn't care as much as you and it won't get better.. TRUST ME!

This is a sign that they are good for nothing.  This is the type of person that after you have gone out with them for a couple of months get disgusting and lazy and always "forget" to call you.

You are a strong and sexy person and you will not take this anymore.  You deserve better and if you stand up for yourself than you will always get the best.

You probably want a person that is so into you.  You want someone that loves you for you and tries to make you laugh and cheer you up when things get bad..

This person on the other hand is late and cannot even get to you on time when a first date is the best way to make a first impression.

Ditch the Dummy and you will thank me.. :)

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