Gone to www.BritneySpears.com yet?

I am sure by now that all of you have heard Britney Spears's new CD out called "Circus" and you have all seen her commercials for her new Documentary that will be airing on November 30th.

I am so excited for that.  They keep showing promos for the documentary and each one gets juicier.

I am so proud of Britney!  She must feel so good to know that she has overcome all in her past and she still is one hot MILF.


If you want to get in on Britney's little secrets she has posted this on her website.  You can sign up by clicking the ad down below.  All you have to do is put your email address and either your zip code or your postal code.

I think she just wants my email so they can bombard me with junk mail but because it's Britney I am fine with that. :)


  1. Yyaawwwwwnn... I'd rather watch a loop of Christina Aguileras new Target commercial! Hmmm... I'm really not joking =)

  2. So mean to Britney... :( Calm it down ya tiger.. growl!!