High discounts caused a death

Walmart Employee Killed

Black Friday is suppose to be a day in the USA where everyone is rejoicing because the sales are so awesome and everyone gets what they want for cheep.

That is not the case for a Long Island resident who was an employee of Walmart.  A 34-year-old New Yorker lost his life today.

He was trampled to death when he opened the doors in the morning to let the overly eager shoppers in the huge sales at Walmart.

Little did he know that when he opened the doors that all the crowd would stampede over him and crush him.

He was rushed to the near by hospital but died on the way there.

3 other people were injured at this Walmart location.  One woman was pregnant and she got pushed aside fell and had a miscarriage.

What is this world coming to that people would run people over just to get cheaper school supplies or more gifts for their children this holiday season.

Well this father can no longer give his family the presents that he wanted to give his family this holiday season.

I take public transit in the morning most of the time people push and shove and disregard everyone around them because they want to catch the earlier bus.  I saw a woman today that was blind with a walking stick and almost walked right off the edge of the skytrain platform and got hit by the train and no one even stopped to help her.

How can we make everyone snap back to what this world use to be when people respected each other we had value to human life?

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