Hot Flash of the Day!

Oh Amy!

You all must know how much I adore Amy Winehouse..

She's just a mes that's all.. Well I do have this fabulous pic of her in her famous ballet shoes.

Why on earth does she wear those ballet flats anyways because I was in ballet for 14 years and let me tell you.. walking on the pavement in those little flats does not feel like heaven.

But maybe with all the drugs shes on she feels like she is floating on crack heaven.

What do you think of this pretty picture?

Oh.. What is that hanging from her crotch??  Any Guesses??

Amy Winehouse's ballet flats also frequently have blood on them so the famous shoe designer, Repetto designed these shoes especially for Amy.  Aren't they pretty?

Here are some examples of how violent Amy can get when she's on da crack.

And Lastly.. just an awful Amy picture to seal the deal

Your Welcome!! :)


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