Austrailia Sucked!!

Movie Premier Review - Australia

I thought that I had the priviledge to go and see the movie premier of "Austrailia" for free with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.. but boy.. was I ever wrong. 

They should have payed me.

I love Nicole Kidman and all but this movie was a doozy.

Pretty much the movie sucked!

The acting was way over the top except sometimes you caught a little glimpse of Nicole's great acting but mostly it was harsh cheesy and I felt as if I got lost in the story most of the time.

They kept jumping from place to place at the very beginning and I found it pretty boring.  Sometimes there was some action but that faded pretty quickly.

Oh.. and Nicole definatly has had some face work done.  Her upper lip is swollen in the whole movie with silicon, which was so distracting. 

The movie was based on World War II time in Australia where Nicole Kidman plays Lady Sarah Ashley who is a British Aristocrat who falls in love with a cattle driver played by Hugh Jackman.

They join up and help to get the cattle across the land as they are under the threat of the nearby Darwin being bombed.

Lady Sarah Ashley finds an aboriginal boy named Nullah and decides to adopt him.  But everytime Nullah would leave her he would always say that he would sing to her (so she could hear him from far away) and she would say, "and I will here you." 

It was all so nauseating. 

I really don't recommend this movie to anyone.  Please spare 3 hours of your life and don't waste your money.

Perhaps rent it if it comes out on DVD if you really must see it but make sure you have your remote handy so you can fast forward pretty much the whole damn movie.

Oh.. and by the way.. Hugh is not the hottest man alive..


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