Hilary Duff's New Track

The Duffster is back

I have liked Hilary since she started singing in 2003 with her first CD called, "Metamorphosis"

I always thought she was a little wishy washy because of her pre-teen movies and t.v shows but she has grown up and she looks as if she is finally comfortable in own skin.

She was really skinny there for a while and she vaneers on her teeth and looked a bit like a horse but now she has gained a bit of weight and she looks much hotter.

Her new song is called "Reach Out" and I really like it.

The video is quite good too.  You can really tell she is growing up.

The only thing that I don't really like about the video is that she dresses up like Madonna and that has been done wayyy too many times.

She needs to get an original look and stick with it.

Do you like her wardrobe and her new song?


Which Hilary Duff picture do you think she looks the best in?


  1. yeah i agreee...the last one :) cuz i dont really likee her with red lipstick on, but i still think she is really pretty and talented! :)