Boyfriend is obsessed with cars

1979 Camaro

My boyfriend is literally obsessed with his Camaro.  

I am not sure if anyone loves cars as much as him.  Do you feel like this too?  Do a lot of your conversations revolve around cars?

When anyone mentions a Camaro my boyfriend's eyes twinkle.  He owns a 1979 Camaro.  I swear he loves the car more than me.

I even jokingly asked him before who he loves more.  He said that he loved the car and me equally. LOL

What can one do when this happens?

First off, don't take away something that your mate is genuinely interested in.  If you try and take it away they will forever hold a grudge against you, resent you, get pissed off & ruin your night.

Let them be themselves and as long as they come home to you at the end of the night, who cares.  Life is too short to be controlling.  He is also probably more likely to be with the car less and you more if your not nagging as much.

If it bothers you about him being around his car more than you, I recommend the following:
  1. Go with him and help work on the car.  Even sit with him and keep him company.  Bring some music, make some sandwiches and bring some drinks and not only will he appreciate it but he will also tell his friends how cool is girlfriend/boyfriend is.
  2. Find something to occupy your time while he is busy.   When people get into relationships they tend to forget who they really are and put the other's interests before theirs.  Take a pottery class, photography, go to the gym, take tennis lessons or read a book.  If you are both busy at the same time he will appreciate you more and realize that you are the best boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. Encourage them by buying accessories for their car.  If you don't have a lot of money, by a key chain, a hat.. Anything that has their cars logo on it so show your support.

  4. Make a collage or scrap book that shows the progress of the rebuild.  It is something that they can look at or show off to their friends/family.

Most of all, be supportive.

That is what being in a relationship is all about.  Sometimes people get so pulled into their own lives that they forget how their actions affect their partner.  Just be patient as this time will pass..

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