Signs of a cheating Woman

Signs She's Cheating On You

Has your lady been dressing up lately?  Smelling pretty?

A woman wants to impress a new man and wants to look her best.

She will go for waxes that she has never had before, just to satisfy some new eyes.

Has she been working late lately?

How is your sex life?  Is it lacking?

It's sucking because she's doing it with someone else and she doesn't care about your needs anymore.

Both of you have probably been arguing because she's not happy  anymore.  Part of her feels guilt too so she is acting all weird.

Know that if she is.. it ISN'T your fault!  She has her own issues and in no way is it because of you.

If she is.. kick her ASS out because you are better than that.

Woman will also start developing new hobbies and doing new things all of a sudden.

Does she take a shower as soon as she gets home or at weird hours of the day?

She's trying to cover up her love stink.

Also a sign of a cheating spouse is if she distances herself away from your friends and family.  If she doesn't want to show up for any family dinner it's because she doesn't want to look at your family in the face and lie to them.

10 Steps to find out if she's a cheater

1. Check her phone bill.

2. Go through her phone.

3. Hire a professional to uncover her lying ass.

4. Check her purse.  Is there any mysterious keys or condoms?

5. Show up at her work and "surprise" her with flowers - perhaps it's a love at work so you can catch her in the act.

6. Dress up in a disguise and follow her - Don't act like a creeper though.. Stay back and DO NOT LET HER SEE YOU!

7. Does someone call your house and hang up - Trace the call it's probably him.

8. Make a fake Facebook account and flirt with her and see if she's into it or not.  Make sure your picture is believable but hot!

9. Try Internet searches on social networking sites or online dating sites.  She may be on there and you never even knew it.

10. Ask her friends.  They know her in a different way then you do.  Maybe if you ask them they will fess up.


  1. This was a good article. I like the part "She’s trying to cover up her love stink." That's classic!

    I'm not sure I would go as far as putting on a disguise to follow her, but I get where your coming from and it is definitely possible that lots of guys don't even realize that women can cheat too!

    Nice work... keep em comin'


  2. Zoltar thinks his second wife is stealing from him.