Happy Birthday Buddy!

I'm Back Bitches!

I told my best friend Ian that I have been thinking of blogging heavily again and since today is his birthday I thought I would write him a blog.

He said that he checks it all the time even though I haven't updated for months.

That gave me so much inspiration to know that people still enjoy checking out my site.

I have spent months thinking of how to improve this site...

Let me know if you have any suggestions by sending me an email lesliestar@lesliestar.ca or adding me on Facebook.

I have been friends with Ian since we were 13.   I met him online through another friend and have been besties since pretty much day one.  He has been there for me when no one else was.  Ian is a very hilarious, strong, witty guy that is a soon-to-be daddy.

Let us all sing him a very happy birthday and wish for all his dreams to come true :)

Stay tuned for more posts!


  1. Zoltar thinks this post is gay

  2. Ian thinks Zoltar should drop the negative feedback. Ian would like to know Zoltar's blogs URL so that he can go drop some negative comments on the posts there.

    I regret the delayed response here and I must say that I don't want to be refered to as "besties" ever again! ;)