How To Choose A Career

Broke and Need a Job Fast?

Are you just out of high school and have no cash to go out anywhere? Or are you getting a little older and you would like a career instead of a plain old job?  Are you tired of always resorting to begging off your friends like a dog? Why is it that they always have the moola? Well fret no longer my friend, in this guide we'll go over some simple steps to land that dream job.  It all begins with you.

Looking for a job

  1. Make a list of careers you would be interested in. Don't be afraid to dream big here. It's important to think about what your ultimate goal is rather than dreaming of working at McDonalds. Each job you reach for should have something to do with landing your dream career.

  2. Go to a career center or research online about how to obtain the career of your dreams.  Things always seem difficult, but once you set your mind to something it will get easier and the pay off will be worth it.  Take some online tests and find out what you're good at; This will get you thinking about what you enjoy spending your time doing.

  3. Email a person that has the job that you would love.  Ask them how they got there and what steps they would advise you to take to obtain the career of your dreams.

  4. Go to a Temp Agency.  You may have to take a test or two about the nature of the job you are applying for, but if you know what you are doing then it will be second nature to you.  They interview you after the test (that is if you even have to take one) and they will find possible jobs for you.  You then go to the business and have an interview with them. If they like you, and of course they will, BINGO... You now aren't jobless anymore:)

  5. Create an account with, or other websites that show postings of jobs that are around your area.  Even if no one contacts you, you can look at the possible jobs and see if they are something that you would even want to do.

  6. Ask around... Your friends might know someone that is hiring.  Bring your resume around with you.  There is no harm in being prepared for something that you desire.  Keep it in your car or in your backpack.

  7. Go door to door at businesses that you think would be a good fit for you.  If you are interested in getting a job at a dentist office then go downtown and spam out your resume to the dental office's.  They might even need people if they don't post up a job in your local paper. Most jobs aren't even listed publicly, so the only way to know is to go to them.

  8. Check the paper and internet every day.  Getting a job is a job in itself, and sadly you don't get paid for it.  If you want a job then you have to wake up and start the day with that in mind.  Eat, breathe and sleep it.  If you live each day with that vision it won't be long before you get a job.

  9. Get a mini makeover.  There is nothing better than getting a new hair cut and a new suit to make your confidence go through the roof.  If you are confident, other people will detect that confidence and employers will hire you because they know that you're an independent, capable person.

  10. Volunteer at places for a while.  This is a great way to see what you will like to do and what you won't in no time at all..  Plus it'll look great on your resume and will help you meet new people which could mean a new job opportunity.

Getting a job can be a real pain in the ass. It takes time, dedication and commitment. It's so easy to spend your time on "fun" things like going to the mall, beach or even playing an awesome video game. The problem is without a job, you won't have money and none of those things will be any fun... unless of course you like to beg like a dog to your friends, you know i don't. RUFF RUFF. Just remember to dress for success and if you prepare yourself with a great resume then getting a new job will be a cinch. Good luck!


  1. I met a 45 year old woman a few weeks back that told me she had been working at McDonalds for 11 years and had had plans to retire at 65 from there. All I could do was smile.

  2. That is freakin' sad.. But whatever makes her happy :) There is a bit of Mc D's in all of us!