Do you Trust your Mate?

Are you with someone that you don't trust?

Trust is the most important part of a relationship.

If you don't have trust you don't have sh*t all.

How can you have an intimate relationship or any relationship for that matter with someone who you think is going behind your back? 

You can't.

There have been many times in my life when I trusted my boyfriend when I shouldn't have and I got totally screwed.. Well actually he got totally screwed cause he had sex with my best friend.

Needless to say she isn't my best friend anymore.

It's not just about trusting your boyfriend or girlfriend but friends as well.  I have had many friends and most of the time they have turned out to be complete weirdos or have done something to me that only a worst enemy would think of doing.

How do you trust someone if you have been hurt in the past?  The answer to this question is time and finding yourself and gaining self respect back if you lost it.. I lost mine so don't be embarrassed about it.

Your life is about you and only you.  Focus on what makes you happy and you will find someone that you can truly trust.

How do you find someone that you can trust?  That I do not have the answer for.  However try and start to trust someone with little things.  If they can't be trusted with little things then you know you can't trust them at all.  

You can't change someone either so if you think you can change your mate if they have cheated you couldn't be more wrong.  A cheater will always be a scum bag unless they want to change.

Usually you get a feeling for a person after you have met them for 5 seconds.  Sometimes your wrong and you judge the person too quickly, but your gut instinct is usually always right.

Do you get a strange vibe from your other half and think that something is going on?  If so then it probably is..  

 If you have a hunch then go and do some detective work before you go to them and make an accusation because usually their reaction will be on the defensive side and they will usually turn the situation around on you. 

They will say "Why were you going through my stuff anyways" or "Your so paranoid... You need to get a life."  All these things I was told and it turned out to be that he was the dirty rat.

People think that you should trust people fully until they prove you wrong.. But I on the other hand think quite the opposite.  Until they prove to you that they can be trusted then don't trust them with anything.  It might be a bitter way to start a relationship but at least you won't get let down when they do something terrible to you. 

Most people in the world are around to screw you over.  It's not a nice way to look at everything but from my experience that couldn't be more of the truth. 

If you don't want top secret info about yourself to get out to others then you probably shouldn't tell even your bes about it.  Protect and take care of yourself and the other stuff will work itself out.

Hope I have helped you. 

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