Should You Wear Makeup To Bed?

Weren't Born With Natural Beauty?  Have No Fear!

Are you going out with a guy and you are too self conscious of him seeing you when you wake up in the morning without makeup on? 

It's bad enough that you have morning breath, but if you combine the two is he going to give an excuse why he has to leave as soon as he wakes up?

Never fear.. I have a plan for you. 

Wear a paper bag over your face according to Steven M. from work. 

That's funny but not my suggestion.

I suggest that if he doesn't appreciate you without makeup on then he's a loser anyway you should have found that out before you went to bed with him.

Take it slow if you really feel self conscious about showing what your face really looks like.. Start with not wearing face makeup but keeping mascara on and slowly weening him off. 

I personally think that if they don't like you then they can suck it.. But if you really like this guy then take your chances. 

Most guys really don't like makeup anyways so who knows.  He could be a woodsy type of guy and not even care. 

In order for you to find Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right Now, you have to be completely yourself.

It is also really bad for your skin to sleep with your make up on.  Make sure you use a elfgentle cleanser and don't rub your face with the towel.. Make sure you blot so you don't cause wrinkles. 

Your face needs to breathe at night time so don't suffocate it or one day he will give an excuse to leave early in the morning ;)

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  1. Good article. I can imagine wearing makeup to bed is probably terrible for your skin. However could you recommend a "elfgentle cleanser" in your article? Thanks! :P