Smarten Up or You're Out Baby

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend acting crazy and not treating you right?

The following questions you have to ask yourself honestly.

No one can decide if you are happy or not.  This is a life choice that you have to make.

Ask Yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I happy?
  2. Do I often feel upset or hurt by my partner?  If so, is it because you are too sensitive or are they legitimately not treating you the way you should be treated?
  3. Do I still love them?
  4. Am I their top priority?
  5. Would I consider cheating on them?
  6. Could I see myself marrying him/her?
  7. Do I want to have a child with him/her?
  8. Am I still attracted to my partner?
  9. Do I trust them?
  10. Do we have good communication?
What were your answers?  

If they were mostly negative it's either time to re-evaluate yourself and figure out what you want for your future or try and work on your existing relationship.  

If you think this is simply a bump in the road and it can most definitely be fixed then take some steps to guide your relationship in the right direction.  You can go to counselling, sign up to an activity that both of you enjoy doing together, go on a vacation, take a financial class together as most fights tend to surround money. 

If both parties don't work towards the same goal your relationship will never get better no matter how much you try. 

Don't ever let someone treat you badly.  You DO NOT deserve this no matter what.  It is never your fault. 

If your in an abusive relationship and you need help please call the national helpline for domestic abuse at 1-800-7233.

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