How To Tell Your Friend...

How to tell your friend that their girlfriend/boyfriend keeps trying to flirt with you. Or even worse trying to make sexual advances towards you?

I have been in the same situation as you before, several times.

What do you do?  This situation always turns ugly.

In both my cases I warned my girlfriends that their boyfriends were greasy horny slime balls but they both chose the boys over me.  They thought I was lying or that I wasn't "understanding' their boyfriends and that they are just "nice to everyone".

I was trying to warn them. One ended up finding out the hard way and the other one married him and now has 3 children.

Why does this happen?

I believe it's because women or men want to believe their partner.

They want to believe that their partner would never cheat on them or hit on their friends.

But that is not always the case.

What should you do if this happens to you?  How do you tell your friend that their partner is sleazy.

Here are four options you might consider:

  1. Don't.  Just Don't
    • Sometimes you have to let your friend find out the hard way.  This is the option I wish I would have chosen.  
  2. Tell your friend
    • It seems like this would be the best option because you love your friend right?  No.  Do not tell them because they will then turn the situation around to be somehow your fault. Trust me.
  3. Threaten the boyfriend/girlfriend
    • If they don't stop you will tell your friend and it will get ugly.  Sometimes threats work.  Sometimes threats get thrown back in your face.  This option is risky.
  4. Stop hanging out with your friend
    • If the situation makes you unconformable and you want to avoid any drama or confrontation, then stop calling your friend.  They will eventually get the message.
I hope these options helped you in some way.  

If your friend is really your friend they will see the kind of person you are and realize that you are telling the truth.  

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  1. I think if you care for your friend, you should tell them. If the friend values your friendship at all they will at least take it into consideration. If the rift it causes damages your friendship so bad that it ends, oh well, youndid the right thing and they were to stupid to see it. If guys are cheaters, they will always be cheaters; at least you tried to save them from a broken heart before they found a mistress after having 3 kids.

    Not telling them to save a friendship is selfish and inconsiderate. Wouldn't you want to know?