Questions for a First Date

Q & A On Dating Rules

Dating can be amazing or it can be hell from the second you meet the other.  Even the whole process of dating is exhausting.

Especially if you don't know the rules of a first date.

Do I kiss them or do I wait?  To pay or not to pay?  Bring a gift?  Call her/him when I get home?

All these questions will soon be answered.  Please note that my blog is also talking about same sex relationships too :)

  • Question:  Should I open the door for her? Pull out the chair for her too at the dinner table.

  • Answer: Of course you should.  Every girl wants you to.  She should open the car door for you when you let her in first.  Either she should press the auto unlock button or do the reach over and pull up the handle.

  • Question: Do I bring her/him a gift?

  • Answer: Honestly I would think that if you were a girl going out with the guy perhaps something funny like silly putty, a comic book or mini digital camera.  Something useful but a bit comical.  Try finding out a bit about them before you meet so you can judge what they would like.  If you're a guy going out with a lady/guy you should bring something.  Either flowers, speciality chocolates/candies, or something unique like tickets to a band you think she/he would like.  There is fierce competition out there so don't be cookie cutter about it. You are probably not the only guy she goes out on dates with and if your really liking her make sure she doesn't pick someone else by being original.

  • Question: Should I drive with music on in the car with her?

  • Answer:  If you want to get any action you should.  :P She wants to know that you are up to date with music, a fun person, and what type of music you like.  Do NOT play it too loud that you can't carry on with a conversation unless the date is already off to a bad start.

  • Question: What should I talk about?

  • Answer: Talk about light hearted things, like what do you like to do, where you're from, what you do for a living and what are your friends like etc.  DO NOT TALK ABOUT DEEP ISSUES like you are just getting over a death in the family, you were abused as a kid or that you're a depressed self-hating individual.  Leave that type of talk until you've been seeing each other for at least a month. :)

  • Question:  Do I walk him/her to the door.

  • Answer: If your a girl then no as you should not be picking him up on the first date.. no matter what!  If you want to meet him at the place, sure..  but never pick a guy up, as men like a chase and usually they love their car.  If they don't have a car it's a bad sign.. TRUST ME FROM MY EXPERIENCES.  Nothing good ever comes from a guy not having a form of transportation.  Not even if he has a skateboard or bike.  If your a guy then yes.. walk her to the door.  A woman wants to feel protected.  Now don't screw this good feeling up by being creepy with her at the door.  If your going in for a kiss make damn sure she isn't going to push you away as that could be very awkward.  Feel it out during the night and see if she was flirting with you.

  • Question:  Do I go up to their place and have "coffee"?

  • Answer: The only coffee you will be having is the one that you grab at Starbucks in the morning after your walk of shame.  Anyone that will sleep with you on the first date will never work out.  Even the sex eventually won't be exciting any more because you have explored all that there is to explore.  If you want a one night stand I guess it will work out perfectly but don't do it if you're actually looking for someone to get into a real relationship with.

  • Question: How long do I wait to call them after the date?

  • Answer: Wait three days.  This way you can make the other person anticipate your phone call.  Men like to show women they are too busy to call them back but they are actually as afraid of rejection and judgement as much as women.

  • Question: When I call them back, do I ask them out right away?

  • Answer: If you like them then yes!  If they say no then you know to get back out there and try again.

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  1. Great article! I love the part about not talking about how "you were abused as a kid". Damn that shit is classic!

    On a separate note, if some woman gave me an egg of silly putty on the first date I would have no flippin' idea what to make of it. Also, a comic book... are we serious here. Are you really wanting to date a guy who is openly going to admit to reading comics on the first date. And a digital camera as a gift? I need to go out with the woman who gives away digital cameras on the first date!

    Good article though as I have always liked it when my woman pops the door lock on my side after I let her in. As if I took the time to unlock her door, open it, close it and walk around to the other side, she can at least reach over and unlock mine, or hit the auto-unlock button.


  2. Thank you for commenting Ian! As far as the silly putty or comic book I was simply suggesting to pick something different as a gift for them. Don't be plain and boring. For the digital camera, I was talking about those mini ones that you can even put on your keychain but they really do take pictures.. :D