What Men & Women Should Wear To Meet The In-Laws

What To Pack When Meeting Their Parents

Eventually it will happen that your boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to meet their parents.

I want you to be prepared to make the best impression possible and to be prepared for anything.

Starting with... what to pack? What should you wear to make a good impression?

Please pack for how long you are going for and what location.


  • A couple of pairs of jeans/shorts only if it's hot
  • Some pearls (or fake ones) - pearls remind people of innocence
  • Bring two pair of earrings to go with all of your outfits
  • Shoes that are comfy but cute - like ballerina type flats/nice sandals
  • Bring pumps
  • Bring t-shirts that don't say anything rude on them like "I screwed your boyfriend"
  • A nice dress shirt that is fun and not too stuffy. This is your time to show off your personality
  • Bring either a longer dress/skirt or dress pants for a possible nice dinner out
  • Don't forget panty hose and nice fitting underwear so you don't have panty lines showing.
  • A nice trench coat. If you don't have dress coat then just don't wear bleached out, holes or stains on your jacket
  • Bring nice looking pajamas in case you are staying at their house.. You don't want them to see your torn up sweat pants


  • Bring a couple pair of jeans
  • Bring a couple of t-shirts that are in good shape and don't have profanity or wrestling on them
  • Comfy shoes like runners or loafers *make sure their clean
  • Bring pressed shirts and some under shirts
  • Bring a matching pair of pajamas
  • Dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie just in case your going somewhere fancy
  • A nice coat such as a leather or trench
  • A sports jacket
  • Buy some socks that don't have any holes in them
Pack a couple of things but don't go too crazy and you don't want to look like diva buy bringing too much luggage.

Make sure everything is washed and pressed before you meat the rents. They do notice everything.

I hope this advice helps and let me know if you have any more questions by commenting


  1. I agree with the above. It's important to make a good impression with the parents. Don't forget your toothbrush and B.O. stick as looking good is one thing, but smelling like shit and having chunks in your teeth is another!


  2. your funny.. I meant just the fashion part of it.. WHAT TO WEAR :)

  3. hmmm... better to be naked, proud and smelling good than to be clothed and smelling like the downtown fish market. At least thats what the mom always told me :)


  4. oh jeez.. thats pretty funny. Thank you for your comment. I guess I am now however questioning why I have your link on my sidebar.?!?!