Spring Fashion Tips 2011

Top 10 Must Haves for Women

1. Emerald green is huge for Spring 2011.   Dress it up or down with pearls or jeans.  Wear your perfect black dress with a bright green clutch and some high heels.  If you don't have a black dress be sure to get one as you can wear them for any occasion.  If you pair it with different accessories  no one will remember that it's the same dress.

2. It's time to mix pretty with funky.  Think of Miley Cyrus's  style except more grown up.  Wear a floral print dress and accessories with a studded purse or a spiky bangle.

3. Giant rings....  The bigger the better.  However don't buy a ring that looks cheap otherwise your whole outfit will look that way.  Spend a couple dollars on it and it will last longer as well.

4. Wear riding boots.  Heal  or not theses boots are super hot heading into Spring.  You can keep them for next year too as they won't be going out of style.  If you buy quality you usually get what you pay for.

5. Wear dark maroon nail polish or black.    Even emerald green nail polish is hot right now.

6. Thick patterned tights are must haves to keep you warm for the rest of winter.  Make your tights be the center piece as they are the main focus of your outfit.  Try to tame the rest of you with low profile touches like nude or black heels or plain flats.

7. Wear your hair big this season.  Hot roller your hair with lots of hair spray.  Think modern beehive to Marilyn Monroe.

8. Buy a purse with some sort of chain detailing.  It is time for girl power this season so rock it out!  Be the strong woman you are and show it through your fashion pieces.

9. Think 50's, 60's and 70's.  Everything from bell-bottom jeans, sequin dresses and cat-eye sunglasses (not everyone can wear these things to so ask a friend).  

10. Buy clothes with some texture or sheen.  This season wants you to step out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to be different.

Top 10 Must Have for Men

1. Think Motor cycle  fashion or a rugged James Dean.  Buy a faux leather jacket (that fit properly.. not '80s).

2. Look crisp but rugged.  Rock the one day - two day old stubble but wear pressed jeans and polished shoes.  Throw on your favorite vintage t and your jacket.

3. Silver rings.  Buy bulky silver jewelry.  If you have the money then spend.. spend... spend but if not then check out Le Chateau or Aldo Accessories.

4. Aviators.  The sun will be coming out soon so make sure you are prepared for it.  Silver frame is great this season but any metal will do.

5. The skinny jean is out.  Let your gut hang out as flared jeans are back.  Think 70's ... but not bell bottoms.

6. Crisp business shirts with a colorful tie.  Be sure to match it with your shirt though.  Perhaps ask the store if your not sure about it.  Or your partner as they will tell you the truth.

7. Buy a new wallet.  Something that looks brand new but aged.  Women do notice a mans wallet.  If a guy pulls out a beaten up old wallet they are usually tired and boring and not willing to try new things.

8. Go and get a professional shave by a barber.  Not only will you look hot but it will boost up your confidence as well.

9. Green is hot this season for the boys as well.  Not emerald green though.  Think more of an army washed out color.  Pair army green with brown, white or even a pop of orange. Think crisp and organic this season and always mix business with comfort.

10. Don't carry around a brief case anymore as it makes you look stiff (and not the good type).  Buy a carry bag from Fossil or Roots.  Buy a lap top bag as well so it's actually functional.

Most importantly this season, feel comfortable but make an effort to stand out as you deserve to be the center of attention.

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  1. I'm not sure I would be caught dead in any of those outfits. I can't stand the color combinations or the way the jackets get tight in the middle. Then again I've never really been big on fashion or modern clothing.

    Nice detailed post though!