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Tila Tequila's Story

I am sure that you have heard of the crazy Tila Tequila.  Her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen and got the name Tila Tequila from a night of partying till she almost died of tequila because she was allergic to alcohol.

She is the most popular person on Myspace and that is how she started to get famous.

Tila was born in Vietnam and came over to the USA when she was about 1 year old.  She lived in a gated community in Houston Texas until she was 8.  She soon became aggressive so she went to boarding school, got caught up with the wrong crowd and joined a gang and started doing drugs.  Soon after she fled to New York where she became pregnant and soon after had a miscarriage.

At 18 she was scouted by Playboy and has stared on many magazine covers since.  She has had a fashion line called www.tilafashion.com, a dating website www.tilashotspotdating.com , a record company called SEX, a reality series called "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila", and several attempts to launch various blogs.  Her recent site is called www.tilatequilaomg.com where she blabs about celeb gossip. 

Not just any celebrities but the ones that have screwed her in the past that she wants to get back at. 

Tila has been linked to many famous celebrities but recently she announced that she was engaged to heiress Casey Johnson  (Johnson & Johnson) but soon after Casey passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis.  There are many people that have said it was all a publicity stunt but Tila says otherwise. 

Soon after Casey died, Tila announced that she would be the surrogate mother to her brothers child.  Soon after she had a miscarrage (speculation that was a publicity stunt as well).

In January of 2010 Tila announced that she was once again pregnant with The Games child but he soon denied it.  She still says he is lying but she has once again claimed that she lost the baby.

This girl needs to keep her legs closed and her mouth shut.

She has an album coming out soon called "Welcome to the Dark Side".  It will apparently be all ballads and no more nasty songs like "I Fucked The DJ" which is her latest single.

Tila is also a huge fan of Chris Brown's which makes me puke because Tila was in a domestic dispute with her ex boyfriend, Shawne Merriman who choked her on Sept 6th 2009.  I would think that she would stand up for woman who were abused but on her website to say that Rihanna has herpes and she pretty much deserved what Chris Brown gave her.

Tila seems like a lonely girl who is really confused and craves attention... Visit her website at www.tilatequilaomg.com and tell me what you think of her....


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