Ouch, my heart hurts..

Is it possible to love someone too much?

Of course it is..

I have had it happen to me tons of times before.

I put my heart out there and it gets stomped on before I can pull it away.  It always breaks.. every time.

You think I would learn to protect it a bit better, but nope.

It's not our fault that love zaps us in the ass and before we know it we are completely memorized by the other person.  You start to think of only that person all the time.

Their life consumes you until you have no live left of your own and you constantly wonder how and when you will get to see them again.

Sure it is important to think about the other frequently and tell them that you do, however to lose yourself is not ok.

Be strong and don't forget that you love to go out with your friends, love to play sports and eat chicken wings ( unless your a vegetarian ;) ).  Remember that you love to sit at home and read a book, watch your fav TV show and bury your head in the basement with your video games until the sun comes up..

It's easy to love someone but don't love them so much that you engulf yourself in them because that pushes your partner away.

They want to know that you have your own life and you are secure in who you are.

I have been in bad relationships before and always wondered if they would ever change.  Truth is, they won't.  You can love them too much and stay because you want it for what it could be and not what it is.

Join a class or something to occupy your time if every two seconds you "need" to call them.

Let them call you because your worth it.

Let them find out what it's like to love someone too much.

Have you ever loved someone too much?

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