Lindsay Cokehan - Addicted?

Addictive Personality?

Do certain people have addictive personalities?  Of course they do..

Lindsay "coke bloat" Lohan is certainly one of them.

If she's not doing a tone of blow like she has in the "past"... then she's smoking up a storm, sipping Red Bull, drinking alcohol, prescription drugs, partying or her favorite drug.. CRANKTWITTER!

How does she post so much a day?  Doesn't she get sick of telling the world how dumb she is ?

"CHANEL... Can you decorate my SCRAM bracelet to take the attention away from my disastrous life?"  What were you thinking?

Do you really think that CHANEL is that low class that they would support you, Z-Lister?

Here she is posing with her SCRAM accessory for photographer Tyler Shields.  I hate to say it but she does look hot.

I know that the bracelet is because she's a hot mess, but the girl does know how to work it.

Listen.. I use to feel sorry for Lindsay and even though she had crazy amounts of money, she still looks lonely in life.. much like other young stars, but come on..

Get your life together already!

I wasn't an angel at her age either, but when the whole world is watching be more careful of your addictive personality coming out and ruining your whole career.

Your a great actress Lindsay... If you get your whole life in order then you won't have to regret anything when you look back.

Everyone is rooting for you!

Do you have an addictive personality?  What are you addicted to? if you want to share..

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