Joan Rivers Won Celebrity Apprentice!

Did Donald Trump Make A Mistake?

Joan Rivers

Am I In Bizarro World?

I use to like Joan Rivers.

I thought she was a great old lady that was funny and wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind but she has disgusted me on this season's Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Joan caused complete scene when her daughter Melissa Rivers got fired in the boardroom.  She spazzed out because the other team member Annie Duke, who is a professional poker player, didn't get a long with her daughter and Joan and Melissa believed that Annie was a backstabber.

First of all it isn't elementary school where your mother needs to stick up for you.  It was live on television  and everyone saw Joan and Melissa act like total idiots.

Perhaps it was good for ratings but was almost hilarious in a way to watch because they made such asses out of themselves.

Donald Trump kept saying that Joan Rivers is a role model.

What the f*ck?

I wouldn't want my child growing up to be her.  Sure she is rich and has made a huge empire with her jewelery line and everything but for her to cause such scenes in the TV show it was even embarrassing for me to watch.

She acted like a really bitchy rich old lady.  Sure her daughter got fired but for her to act like that.. she should be embarrassed and for Donald to pick her I think less of Donald Trump now..

Shame on you Donald Trump!  Did you just pick Joan Rivers because she is a big wig and is rich and famous?

You should have picked Annie because she raised the most money,  she's younger and quicker on her feet and she doesn't get personal in the game.  I just can't believe what I saw.

Would you want someone would spent thousands on her face to look like the famous "Cat lady" ?

Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers Before and After

Cat Lady Before and After Plastic Surgery

The Cat Lady

Here is the episode where Melissa and Joan looked like total bitches.

Who do you think should have won?  Did you even watch Celebrity Apprentice this year?

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