I wrote this poem when I was 17


Our love wastes like the ammunition of a gun
My wounds never heal
The blood bursts from my veins in hopes of your love
The death of the passion has punctured my limbs
The battle field - in which we walk everyday is tiring
It is an eternity and you the ruler
The drugs that you supply are no longer enough to keep my pain away
The burning fire peeling away at my flesh gets tiring
I just want to sleep and dream not of you
You are not all I think about
I breathe for air and you breathe for control
Pills take over and no longer work
His silver bullets sliver into my skin
The smoke that you give off chokes my life 
Air can no longer get through
Rage just like a little boy who doesn't get his way
You've made me stronger and able to stand again
I hope you know that, and feel regret for loosing your prize
Your hands strangle my will to break free
Never ending

By Leslie Star

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