Discover Yourself With Me

It's never too late to find out who you really are.  Millions and millions of people worldwide are searching for themselves & who they really are, including myself.

We know our friends like the back of our hand, but are detached from ourselves & what we really get excitement from.  

What makes you comes alive & doesn't feel like a struggle when you do it?  That is your purpose & why you were put on this earth. 

Below are simple solutions that will make you feel more comfortable when it comes to knowing the real you.

Find Your Passion in Life

9 Ideas to Help Find Your Passion In Life:

  1. Spend more time with friends & family.  Participate in activities that you wouldn't normally do. Go out as a group & let your inhibitions go & have some fun.
  2. Take an online personality test or career quiz.  They help to point you in the right direction.
  3. Take a class at a community center or college.   Try a free class online first to ensure you like it & want to invest time & money into it.
  4. Take up a hobby.  If you don't want to do it alone, talk to your friends with common interests.  I am sure they want to join you in the search to find themselves as well.
  5. Go to the library & learn about something new. Learn sign language or how to build that bird house you've always wanted.   
  6. Make a list of things in your life that bring you joy &  focus more on those.  
  7. Start a meditation class, Bikram yoga or painting.  Pick something that relaxes your mind & lets you drift off to la la land for a bit.
  8. Take a note pad/journal & your favorite drink in your travel mug & go to a place that makes you feel creative & at peace.  Write down what you wish for yourself & what truly makes you happy.  
  9. What makes you feel successful?  The key to happiness is success so focus on your achievements & try figure out a way to profit from them.  There isn't a better feeling than accomplishment.
Find Your Passion

Don't put too much pressure on yourself.  

Get out there & experience life to it's fullest potential.

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