The Defense won for Casey Anthony

Casey Found Not Guilty

Casey Anthony - Not Guilty

Today was a sad day for me and for most of the world.

Casey Anthony was aquitted of capital murder. She was found not guilty in the murder of her little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony.

The court room was silent as the the verdict was read over every popular tv channel in the world. There was silence except for Casey who faked some tears like she has during the whole trial.

It pays to have good lawyers doesn't it Casey?

It's sad that no justice has been served for that little girl. It was never confirmed as to who was her biological father or her killer is.

Everyone from "Zanny the nanny" (who doesn't exist) to George and Cindee Anthony was brought up in court as suspects to try and down play what Casey did and to try and distract the jury from the fact that Casey did kill that precious little girl.

I frankly don't care what the jury concluded and I know that Casey is guilty.

Going after Casey with a 1st degree pre-meditated charge might have been a strech considering that there was hardly any evidence. That is probably why the jury couldn't prove beyond a resonable doubt that Casey isn't a murderer.

I think that the José Baez, Casey's defense lawyer did a fantastic job of pointing the finger at anyone but her. They knew that there was hardly any strong evidence for the procecution to run with and did whatever was necessary to prove that casey was 100% innocent.From everything that was written in Casey's diary, from how her car smelled like decaying body to chloroform searches on this one website that she visited 84 times, you would think that it would be enough evidence to catch the "tot" mom in the ac but apparently not.

George and Cindy are probably broken now that Casey has gotten off and now they have not only lost their little grand child, Caylee but their own daughter for her web of lies that she has told for 3 years.

The defense made her father out to be a molesting monster as well as her brother so that she could play the victim?  Not to say that those things didn't happen but unless your guilty you don't usually bring it the victim card of abuse.

Where is justice for Caylee?  Do you believe that justice has been served?

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  1. The not guilty verdict was handed to the defense after Jury selection. The attorney did a good job of getting citizens who have felt the swing of the MAN'S hand. And then they used lawyer tactics to get the prosecution to react, and they did, bickering with each other in front of the jurors. NO smoking gun, no witnesses and next thing the Jurors see the MAN swinging the hand again and they used their personal emotions towards him to say, NOT GUILTY! Worked in OJ, worked in Casey, will work in who ever gets to use it!