Rogers SUCKS!

Rogers Phone Company Is the WORST

I have been with Rogers Mobility for about 5 or 6 years now and I haven't actually been happy with them once.

They rope you into staying with the company with their stupid contracts just because either you lost your phone or you want to upgrade it and it is before your contract is up.


They charge me for text messages almost every month even though I have unlimited. 

If you are with Rogers make sure you check your monthly bill because it is an automatic system so most always there are mistakes and if you don't check you will never know that they charged you an extra 20$ that you don't have.

I know life is never simple but you should be able to rely on something that you pay for every month. 

I lost my phone on July 15th of this year and do you think that someone could have turned it in?  NO... It was an awesome phone too.. N95..

I have been waiting for a new phone for over a month now.  I ordered the new iPhone 3Gs.  When I originally ordered it they said it would be 2 weeks.  I know that iPhone's are great but I am beginning to think that I should have ordered something else. 

Rogers is saying that Apple is keeping them in the dark to when their back orders will be delivered but personally I think that is a load of sh*t. 

Both Apple and Rogers are huge companies.. GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER FOLKS!

Now I am still without a phone and very agitated.  When I phone every week and ask what the status of my phone is they cannot come up with an answer, but they do offer to take some money off my bill.  But that still does not give me a phone.

I called them yesterday and they said to go to a Rogers Plus store which means that they give out loaner phones to those people who are waiting for one.  I called them.. and guess what.. They don't know what the people at Rogers are saying.  They only give out phones to those who have a broken one. has been voted the number 1 worst phone company in the world by many websites along with this one..

I feel like they are taking advantage of the customers and just assume that we are going to sit back and be quiet and wait for the phone fairy to come along.  I will not wait any longer!!!

I miss my phone. :(

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