Comb Overs Are A NO NO

Do they think we can't tell?


What is with people.. but mostly men,  that have comb overs?

It usually isn't trashy looking people either that have them.

Usually they are well off older men that have this urge to grow their hair long on one side of their head and wrap it around the bald stop and slick it back.

Gross!  So not Sexy!

Does it make them feel like they still have hope?

If they can grow one side of their hair long, does it still mean that they aren't bald?

Is it denial or just plain weird?

I understand that it must be frightening and embarrassing to lose your hair but give it up...

Get a hair transplant or forget about it and who cares.  It's not like bald men aren't sexy..

There are lots of bald men and women that are completely sexy..


Demi Moore Demi Moore

vindiesel Vin Diesel

mena Mena Suvari

bruce_willis_smoking_a_cigar Bruce Willis

michael_jordan Michael Jordan

If you are bald and you do the comb over, listen to my advice when I say...

" STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!  You are totally embarrassing yourself.  You will not get laid"

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  1. I agree with this article.. if my hair ever receded to the point where I thought I may need to comb over. I would either:
    a) Kill Myself
    b) Shave it all off.
    Probably shave but it really depends on my mood at the time.