Fashion Trends for Summer 2011

Summer Fashion Pieces for 2011

Here in Vancouver it seems as if summer is a beautiful place far far away.  It's the end of May and it's still raining but I have dreams of putting on that summer dress for the first time and not freezing my ass off.

These are my MUST HAVE Fashion Pieces

Wood jewelry - mix wood jewelry with colorful bangles.  Try to give off the earthy but stylish vibe.

Maxi Dresses -  I love long dresses that you can stay covered up in to protect you from the sun but still look sexy but stay comfortable.

Braided purses, belts or accessories with "leather".  Only wear one at a time though.

Huge sunglasses are always a must have to block out the rays.  The bigger the better this summer.

The hippie look is in more than ever so buy a whole bunch of long necklaces and wear them all at once.  Peace signs, hearts, feathers... The 70's is all coming back in.

Hair jewelry..Anything from feathers to bows.  The bigger and crazier the better it seems thanks to Lady Gaga :)


Platforms heels are hot.  Pair them with some hip hugging bell-bottoms and a floral print colorful shirt and your set to go shopping during the day or party at night.

Flowing tops.  Get light airy material blouses.  The off the shoulder loose fitting shirts are back in.

Side braids are hot as well.  Get some cheap clip on extensions and braid them with your hair to get the best effect.  Think Ke$ha but not as dirty looking...

Wear lots of silver bracelets and turquoise.

Bright nails and eye-shadow makes your outfit pop.

Hobo bags are back too but don't get ones that look brand new.  Worn and used and abused look is in.

Add me at and tell me about your favorite summer fashion pieces.

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  1. I'd like to see some men's fashion tips for the summer too!